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Cucinesse introduces Evolve!   Copia

Cucinesse introduces Evolve! Copia

11 April 2018

Cucinesse’s new project is Evolve: symbol of the continuous evolution of the kitchen environment

Materials, volumes and shapes are being reinterpreted and they are creating an open space with a high-level design, where the kitchen and the living are mixed together into a complete and unique project.

Six wooden finishes available in different shades and seven PET matt or glossy finishes give us lots of possible customizations creating a noticeable scenic impact.

‘Evolve’ embraces a new trend: open spaces represents an enormous chance to customize our home

Through the project ‘Evolve’, we are trying to create an open space kitchen, with a simple style oriented to customization, where beauty and functionality are perfectly balanced

The fully-fitted wall with iron and satinated glass shelves gives us an enormous set of possible compositions.

A sought-after style, where the wooden essence is being reinterpreted in a modern-day perspective

Evolve combines with several materials such as iron and glass, that conveys a modern and extremely glamour appeal.

The new ‘Evolve’ model will be previewed during the Cucinesse Design Week event that will be held at our Cucinesse Store in Saronno from 17th to 22nd April

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