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New kitchen model Harmony

New kitchen model Harmony

4 March 2015

When the past merges with the present to create a refined and timeless environment: Harmony is born

Harmony is the brand new and challenging Cucinesse project, where balance and harmony result from an innovative design combined with high-quality materials, giving shape to an immediately recognizable style.

It is a kitchen capable of joining together the latest trends with hand-crafted traditions, through new solutions for the kitchen environment, which are more and more fluid and functional.

The possibilities of customization are almost endless: 5 different models, each of them available in 5 different wood finishes, which can be matched to all the lacquered Ral colors.

Harmony proposes the innovative door with the handle obtained directly on a rail, combining it with the glassed doors, either in satin-frosted or transparent glass, and also with the new open elements, in order to give a wider perspective of the kitchen and its cabinets, which eventually blend into the living room.

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